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Shipping & Store Policy

We offer local pick up, local delivery, and shipping to Canada and other countries.

Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping rates, availability, or the process.

Some items require insurance, and we can link customers with service providers directly.

Please note that all items are final sale, and we do not offer refunds or exchanges once items out.

Domestic customers can pay by E-transfer, while international customers can use Xoom. We require a 50% deposit or full payment before holding any items.

If you don't pick up your item within one week after purchase, a storage fee will apply. $100 for a week.

We update the website regularly, but we cannot guarantee that items will be available before you make a purchase.

Please check our photos carefully before making a purchase, as we sell vintage items in their original condition.

All vintage lamps require rewiring, and we do not offer any guarantees on their electrical components.

We sell them "as-is" and recommend that customers rewire them and most of vintage lamps still works great.

We do not offer direct purchases through our website, but we can provide invoices and accept payment by E-transfer, Xoom, credit card, debit, or cash.

We offer furniture holding for up to two weeks, with a storage fee if you wish us to hold items for longer. Please pick up your items on time, as space is limited.

Each piece has its own character, and we take pride in our restoration work. If you have any questions, please contact us through our homepage messenger, email, or phone.

Thank you for considering Banana Lab. for your furniture needs.

*Solid Teak or Teak Veneer

We get asked this question frequently, and here is the tips to see the details of the answers. In North America, there's a common belief that high-quality furniture is made of solid wood, and it's widely known that Danish Mid Century Modern furniture is considered high-quality. If you, like me, enjoy browsing, you're probably aware that some pieces can sell high price, which might lead one to assume that they're made of solid wood.

However, this is a common misconception, perpetuated by some sellers on popular classifieds such as Craiglist who claim that their MCM furniture is made of solid teak, rosewood, or walnut. In reality, almost all high-end Danish furniture (excluding chairs, legs, handles, and frames) is made using teak or rosewood veneer that's applied over less expensive materials like pine, plywood, or particle board.

When craigslist sellers claim that their furniture is made of solid teak, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's true.

So, buyers should beware. When we refer to veneer, we are talking about a thinly sliced layer of real wood, which should not be confused with laminate or paper veneer that's used in some cheap furniture today. Paper veneer is not repairable, and many low-quality pieces are made of MDF with a wood grain or solid color painted on top.

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made by breaking down wood residuals into wood fibers, combining them with wax and resin binders, and forming panels using high temperature and pressure. Some furniture stores claim that MDF furniture is 100% wood content, but it's probably not real wood.

However, well-made furniture using high-quality real wood veneer on plywood can last longer than solid wood, which can warp or crack over time. The use of veneers also makes it possible to create stunning designs by playing with patterns in the wood grain. Most mid-century Danish teak furniture that still exists today is made with veneer surfaces on plywood, secured with solid wood edges and frames. This is a testament to the quality of well-made veneered furniture.

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