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BANANA LAB Mid Century Modern Danish Teak Furniture Store

Welcome to Banana Lab, your destination for premium vintage mid-century modern furniture, collectibles, and home decor.

Our carefully curated selection features rare and sought-after pieces from the 50s and 60s, including Scandinavian designer items that are sure to impress.

Whether you're looking for furniture to complete your retro-inspired living space or unique conversation pieces to add character to your home, we have something for you.

All of our items are meticulously restored and refinished to their original condition, ensuring that they'll look stunning for years to come.

We also offer a selection of as-is pieces for those who prefer the original patina and character of vintage items.

Come by and explore our selection of living arts and small objects, and discover the perfect addition to your home decor.

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Quality Business Award

A spotlight on local businesses we love. by Susan Millar in Business • 1st June 2016

Banana Lab

Banana Lab has thrived and grown in this community from its humble beginnings three years ago in a 400 square foot space on 6th Street to its new roomy location in Sapperton. Selling unique, ‘upcycled,’ and refurbished home decor items and furniture, the business relies on the fine arts sensibility of Jin, and the technical capability of her husband, Won. Beautifully re-furbished mid-century teak furniture is their principle inventory, though you’ll also see pieces such as a flamboyant lamp made from an old-style red phone, a wall clock made from a record player, and shelves of consignment items from local craftspeople, too.

Banana Lab is the duo’s first business, and Jin says that New Westminster is a great incubator for start-up companies because of its comparatively cheap space and less competitive market than Vancouver. The city’s central location in the Lower Mainland is also great for attracting customers from the surround- ing areas. With so much happening here now and with the in flux of people from Vancouver and elsewhere, Jin  is upbeat about doing business here.

Her advice to entrepreneurs:

"Have a clear vision of what you want to do."

New shop bears creative fruit

Mario Bartel / New Westminster NewsLeader

AUGUST 23, 2013 12:00 AM

Contrary to what one might believe, Banana Lab is not a fruit wholesaler. In fact, one can most likely find anything in this store but fruit. This small shop is fully stocked with vintage furniture and repurposed home decor. For example, clocks made from bicycle wheels! Each item is carefully selected by owners, Jin and Won. They decided to name their store “Banana Lab” because of their mingled sense of style and bright vision for business. As creators, Jin and Won not only sell repurposed vintage items but also support artists by displaying locally made art in the store. In addition to browsing through an array of unique items, one can also find beautifully crafted art at Banana Lab!  Upon closer inspection, the items found in antique shops are so much more than cluttered piles of “junk.” Black and white photographs, old fashioned coca cola bottles, refurbished 60s style bar sets, record players, typewriters and strange, somewhat dangerous looking hair curling contraptions bring the stories of a city’s past to the forefront. Like all treasures, those found in Antique shops are worth digging for

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Mid century modern, Vintage Furniture


Gabriela Torres | May 10, 2017

Despite its name, Banana Lab is not a fruit wholesaler. In fact, this charming store offers an eclectic selection of vintage furniture and repurposed home decor, with unique items like clocks made from bicycle wheels. Jin and Won carefully curate the inventory to reflect their bright and visionary sense of style.

Banana Lab isn't just a store, it's a showcase for local artists. In addition to browsing through the unique items, visitors can also appreciate and purchase beautifully crafted art from the region.

Antique shops offer more than just piles of "junk" - they provide a glimpse into a city's past.

Black and white photographs, old fashioned coca cola bottles, refurbished 60s style bar sets, record players, typewriters, and strange hair curling contraptions are among the treasures waiting to be discovered. These items tell stories that bring the past to life.

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