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Banana Lab. features consignment items and does rental service for staging, 

Buy, Sell, Trade & Consignment

About Consigning your furniture, Home decors, Consigner receive 50% of sales item and paid out every month if there are sold items. 

Higher priced over $5000 valued ones, 35%: 65% (consigner)

Payment will be made the end of each month.

We usually pay through E-transfer or direct pay out in person.

Send us photos  and brief information of items, by email.

Email :


*Banana Lab. offers Rental service to Movie production. Many of our pieces show on TV, Movie, Commercials, Set Decoration and Magazines cover.

*1 week minimum. Rates are based on the regular listed price.

Our Rental Rate: 


1week      :  25% 

2 weeks    : 30%

3 weeks    : 35%

4 weeks    : 40%

*Note: Brand new condition ones

(*newly reupholstered chairs, refinished condition furniture which gets immediate wear from usage)

1week      :  30%

2 weeks    : 35%

3 weeks    : 40%

4 weeks.   : 50%

*Refundable security deposit needed for the total regular price of an item. 

Items will be released with both rental payment and security deposit received.


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