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Banana Lab offers rental services for staging and features consignment items for buying, selling, trading, and consigning. If you're interested in consigning your furniture or home decor items, you'll receive 50% of the sales price for items that sell, and payments are made at the end of each month.

For high-value items priced over $5000, the consigner will receive 35% of the sales price and Banana Lab will receive 65%.

Payment is typically made via e-transfer or direct payout in person. To get started, simply send us photos and a brief description of your items via email at

*Please note we do not offer appraisal services. If you are seeking to determine the value of your item, we suggest researching its name and manufacturer information on the internet, as well as checking the current market prices in your local area. Please note that the value of an item can vary depending on its condition, originality, local demand, and your timeline for selling.


Banana Lab offers rental services for movie production and our pieces have been featured on TV, movies, commercials, set decoration, and magazine covers. The minimum rental period is 1 week and rates are based on the regular listed price, no sale price.

Our rental rates are as follows:

  • 1 week: 25%

  • 2 weeks: 30%

  • 3 weeks: 35%

  • 4 weeks: 40%

Please note that items in brand new condition, such as newly reupholstered chairs or refinished furniture that will get immediate wear from usage, have higher rental rates as follows:

  • 1 week: 30%

  • 2 weeks: 35%

  • 3 weeks: 40%

  • 4 weeks: 50%

A refundable security deposit is required for the total regular price of an item. Items will be released with both rental payment and security deposit received.

For further inquiries, please email us at

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