Vintage VIKING Space-age stereo with built–in 8-track player

In good vintage working condition. 


VIKING concept in space-age stereo.

Warm wood base and spun-aluminum stem soar into a single control centre with sturdy cabinet and flip-up acrylic bubble.

Mar-resistant walnut woodgrain vinyl finish on sides and base.

Solid-state amphfier gives clear AM and crisp stereo via FM or records.

Pinpoint FM tuning helps select FM stereo stations.

Field-effect transistor prevents strong signals from interfering with weaker ones.

Automatic frequency control helps prevent FM station drift.

Light indicates when station broadcasts in stereo.

Function selector; controls for bass. treble, balance, volume; radio tuner.

Built-in 8-track player has controls for manual or automatic playing.

Lights indicate what track is being played.

Built-in BSR automatic mini-changer with diamond stylus plays up to six records, shuts off after last one and turns off amplifier.

Auxilary tape input/output jacks; headphone jack. 


Dimensions; 20" x 20" x 25"(H)