Hand made upcycled tapestry art work.

Made in Korea around 1900s as purpose of usage as table clothes covering small dishes.

Made with old blankets( no longer used ones), colouful silk.

Korean Bojagi theme was the popular theme of Modern artist use as inspiration.

This unique taperstry pattern is works really well with MCM furniture and interior. 

Can be framed and used as wall decor.


The story behind of Hermes Bojagi

Bojagi is a traditional Korean square patchwork cloth used for wrapping items or food. It can also be used to adorn traditional clothing. Its purpose is decorative, religious and symbolic: a gift wrapped in bojagi is said to bring good luck and happiness. From generation to generation, all Korean women have made bojagi, sewing together countless scraps of cotton, silk, hemp and ramie fabric to create colorful geometric compositions. Bojagi are made with incredible craftsmanship. In some cases the back is as beautiful as the front. In the 1960s, collectors began to take an interest in the aesthetic quality of these squares of cloth that were stitched by hand and embellished. Huh Dong-hwa and his wife Park Young-sook traveled across the country to collect a magnificent collection now held at the Museum of Korean Embroidery in Seoul. Aline Honoré visited the two founders there. Impressed by these stunning patchworks, she was inspired to create this scarf.

Have pair and sold seperately or together.

$995 for each.


Ours are real one, not just printed one like Hermes mass produced ones.






Old fabric tapestry work, Bojagi, Hand made, upcycled from old blankets