R Huber 3 seat sofa in excellent ORIGINAL wool cover, Professionally steam cleaned and in excellent condition.

You see many reupholstered ones but never be like this original shape with original upholstery in good durable structure. ( newly reupholstered versions are usually not as much as perfect like original shape and tufting shape is different and mostly empty cushions.

Amazingly well done and kept the shape till now. 
Very strong and well made upholstery would last even longer than any other newly upholstered versions.
ble and you should come and try them.
Frame and all parts are in good excellent condition.


Next time, don't hesitate! : )
*All sales are final and sold as is.

Canadian mid century modern Iconic sofa and chair by R Huber Co.


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    7840 Edmonds Street,

    Burnaby, BC, CANADA

    V3N 1B8


    Tel: 1-604-553-1040



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