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Extremely handsome and very seldom seen Model 168/3 sofa Designed by the boss of France & Son, Charles ‘Fearnley’ France in 1962. The design is based almost entirely on a previous Grete Jalk design for France & Son with the addition of some upholstered armrests.

These additions make it an even more attractive design and won Charles France a design award for his efforts.

Rare find!

Refinished and Restored with new Maharam Grety Wool upholstery.

197 x 76 x 71 cm (Length x Width x Height)

77x 29.9 x 28 inches



This is special sale item and sale ends soon, June 15th. 2019.



Beautiful Danish MCM Sofa by France & Son, Huge SALE! SALE EDNS SOON!