Stunning and beautifully crafted teak sideboard designed by Tom Robertson and manufactured by A.H. McIntosh of Kirkaldy, Scotland, 1960s. A.H. McIntosh created quality furniture which catered to the tastes of progressive 1960s middle class Britain.

Beautiful carved 'fin' handles which gives this piece a distinct Scandinavian appearance. Opening through a bar area with its retractable shelf, two swinging doors opening onto a large storage area and three drawers on the side.

Unusual design on Inside of the credenza, It has an unique mini bar set up.

Beautiful collectibe piece.



    H 29.53 in. x W 79.14 in. x D 17.72 in.

  • H 75 cm x W 201 cm x D 45 cm


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A.H. McIntosh sideboard, Refinished

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