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Zinolin Furniture Oil


 FURNITURE OIL for cleaning and care of oil finished wood surfaces such as teak, walnut, rosewood and mahogany. The emulsion has an excellent cleaning power and efficiently removes grease and finger marks.


The Furniture Oil provides a long lasting oil impregnation of the wood, which protects the surface from drying out. The wood will attain a dull finish, underlining the natural color and structure.InstructionsApply with a soft cloth and rub until all dirt or grease spots disappear. If applied too thickly, excess oil may be wiped off after 10-15 minutes.



Contains: Non-ionic surfactants, saponified fatty acids, selectedoils and pure aliphatic hydro-carbons plus deionized water.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children.

Zinolin Furniture Oil (Made in Denmark, 500ml)

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